Victorian Super Sedan Assocation   

2017/2018 Fun City Entertainment Complex Victorian Super Sedan Association Race Dates 




2016/17  1st Mick Nicola JNR   2nd Ash Bergmeier      3rd Lucas Roberts

2015/16   1st Mick Nicola JNR    2nd Peter Nicola         3rd Brad Wicks

2014/15; 1st Ash Bergmeier      2nd Brad Wicks           3rd Mick Nicola JNR

2013/14: 1st Ash Bergmeier      2nd Mick Nicola JNR   3rd Dave Mackenzie

2012/13: 1st Peter Nicola          2nd Lucas Roberts      3rd Ash Bergmeier

2011/12: 1st Brad Wicks            2nd Mick Nicola Jnr    3rd Peter Nicola

2010/11: 1st Craig Lappin         2nd Peter Nicola         3rd James Petch

2009/10: 1st James Petch         2nd Craig Lappin        3rd Mike Burke

2008/9 :  1st James Petch         2nd George Napier     3rd John Nugent

2007/8 :  1st Craig Lappin         2nd Lucas Roberts      3rd Lionel West

2006/7 :  1st Craig Lappin         2nd Brad Wicks            3rd Andrew Katz

2005/6 :  1st Wayne Belk           2nd James Petch        3rd Lucas Roberts



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